Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pumping Air and Playing with Bubbles

Today I used soapy water to try to finde the leaks in my segway wheels. Then I pumped it up with air using the pump my dad bought for me that I got in the mail today. I found no leaks and the air left the wheel as quickly as it entered the wheel. Plus, my tire gauge doesn't work. Then I call my dad and he tells me that I need to use soapy water while pumping the air in! Wish he had told me that before, lol! So later I'm going to try that and if nothing works I'll have to try using slime. Meanwhile, I have community service to do (10 hour requirement for my college).

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Ashley said...

Your dad shared your Blog on, and I thought I would check it out. I also used a Segway throughout college to help me manage my Lupus and arthritis. Do you use yours for a disability, and if not, how did you ever get permission to use it on campus?

There are a few things you should always have Duck Tape - in case of rain. A tire pressure gauge, flat head screw driver (to pry at things), and an air compressor.

Talk to your local Segway shop. They should be able to send you a tire, and you can just swap them out.