Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Book Review: How to be Heard in Heaven

By Eddie Smith
Bethany House, 0764203924, PB, 172 pages, $14.99

In How to be Heard in Heaven, Eddie Smith reminds readers, “as long as we whine to God about our problems, we’ll see nothing. Begin to celebrate God’s answer, and He will show it to you” (p 130).

Smith explores prayer as an intimate relationship with Christ wherein we acknowledge God’s power and submit to His will. We should trust God to provide and should become expectant prayer warriors, praying as if God has already answered us.

Smith uses simple stories, concepts, and verses to support his ideas. His ideas are refreshingly different from those in typical books on prayer. He covers thought-provoking concepts with easy-to-understand language. Smith also discusses controversial aspects such as healing and miracles. Occasionally you have to read something several times to understand it, but most of the book is an easy read. How to be Heard in Heaven fits church libraries best because Smith writes to mature teenagers and adults who want to further their relationship with Christ.

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