Thursday, December 13, 2007

An Extra Hand: How I Got My Segway Tire Off the Segway

God is so amazing! When I'm in the tightest pinch, He always works things out for me! He waits for me to totally freak out and then reminds me that I need Him. Then, he solves the problem. Sometimes He does it in an unexpected way, as well. Today I put my segway tire back on my segway. This afternoon, I realized the other tire was flat. I began to freak out. I tried to remove it so I could pump it up, but couldn't figure out how to do it. I tried to pump it up while it was still on the segway and that didn't work. I called my dad to try to figure out how to use the tool to remove the segway. I scratched and hurt myself. I broke a nail! I cried. I whined. I was exhausted. I had quite a work out! But then, I decided to give it one last try. I started to try to unscrew the screws the opposite way I had been trying and it worked! It worked a lot easier than I thought it would work! I'm not very strong, so it was as if God had given me an extra hand! I pumped it up, and at first the air didn't seem to stay in the tire. I kept trying, however, and now it's full of air (15-20 psi)! Now I'm waiting to see if the air leaks out. If it doesn't, my segway, Brooklyn Segway Wheeler, will be officially fixed!!!

P.S. This is a reminder to post on the following topics: 1. My trip to Chicago and 2. Those times that we'll never forgive ourselves for and 3. A review of Harry Potter 5


Oswegan said...

Sounds like a pain. The Segway would be cool though. I saw people on Segway sight seeing tours in Washinton DC. I thought, "that's a good idea."


NYCindividual said...

Oh, it sure was a pain, but worth it. And if I get back from Christmas break to fin a flat tire again, I'll just pump it up and now I know how! It's fun to ride a segway, you should try it some time. They're expensive, but worth the money. I use it get around town in college. Before I bought one I tried one out in a tour of Angel Island and had a blast. Police and security also use them. On top of the fun, they also have very high resale value!