Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dumbledore is Gay

J.K. Rowling has officially announced that her Harry Potter books are based on a Christian worldview. However, I also ran into the following article:*
That's right, Dubledore is gay. At first it kind of ruined my good opinion of the books, but then I started to think about it. Rowling says it was love that broke Dumbledore's heart, so I like to think that he realized his mistake and turned from it. Rowling also said that she was trying to promote tolerance of gay people. I like to think that she meant that gay people should not be discriminated against, but it's still a sin to be gay. I'm not against gay people. I'm against their actions, but I won't let that keep me from treating them like human beings. I don't know. I'm tending to think that Rowling is one of those, it's not a sin to be gay, people who think gay people have their rightful place in the church without repentence.

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Poorhouse Dad said...

Homosexuality has three elements: the desires, the actions, and the socio-politics.

Dumbledore once experienced the emotional element. Rowling had enough taste not to imply that Dumbledore actually practiced homosexuality. Homosexuality did apparently determine the fact that he had no wife, living an essentially sexless life. There's no implication that Dumbledore tried to recruit new homosexuals or to force social or legal preferences like the homosexual lobby does.

I think the lessons to learn from Rowling's character, then, are that a person with dark tendencies can supress his dark side and make a positive contribution to life. As long as homosexuals do not oppose the light, then, we should accept them for what they are: endangered neighbors with flaws, scars, and guilt, just like the rest of us. We should recognize such flaws as results of the Fall, flaws from which God desires to redeem and cleanse us. As God's ambassadors, therefore, we should do all we can to bring homosexuals to reconciliation with God -- loving the sinner while pitying the immediate and long-term price they pay and detesting the trappings of their sins.