Thursday, October 11, 2007

Honk Honk - Riding the Segway Without a Helmet

I was extra careful on my segway today. Why? Because I forgot to wear my helmet and gloves! I realized this about halfway to my destination. I was going fast because rain was expected any moment, but I had to slow down. Luckily, it did not rain on me and I did not fall. I have fallen twice already, so I know the importance of a helmet and gloves. They shield your fall and lessen the bruises. They may also save your life if you hit a car (which I have not done). When riding in windy conditions, be sure to wear a jacket or sweater to keep you warm (you don't want to get a cold). Also, do not try to go too fast against the wind; you could lose your balance and fall. Watch for bumps and try to avoid them. Sidewalks will often be uneven. If you come upon part of a sidewalk that has tranformed into a stairway, do not attempt to go over it; get off the segway and walk it over the stairstep. If there's no traffic, it may be better to ride on the road. I often ride on the road in neighborhoods. However, be alert for cars. Keep your ears open for the sound of a car's engine or the sound of a car driving over and crushing fallen leaves. If a car does appear, pull over to the side of the road and let the car pass.

No good reactions today. However, I did not post some of the reactions that I got about a week ago when I went to the local Blockbuster store.

One woman yelled out, "I like that!"

A man told me he wanted to ride my segway. He begged and pleaded, but I said no. He asked me how much a segway costs. I told him $5000. Surprisingly he still said he was going to buy one (but I doubt he will). Another man who appeared to be with him told him he could make his own segway. It's true you can make your own segway. I saw a website for just such a purpose. However, buying one is much easier and may even be less expensive and less time consuming.

Some kids also waved at me. I waved back.

Some other kids I saw were playing with their toy guns. They stopped to look at my segway. One of them said, "Cool, I want one of those!" A friend of mine who saw this happen told me I must feel real good, promoting world peace. I guess my segway is a great way to stop violence. LOL.

Last of all, the best reaction of the day was a man who turned to me and said, "Honk, honk. You got a horn on that?" Unfortunately, I did not have my bell with me at the time or I would have gave it a ring.


Matt said...

Believe it or not, someone actually rolled down his car window at a stop sign today and shouted out, "NERD!!!!!"

I tried to follow him to give him a piece of my mind but he got away. You can't really chase someone effectively at 12.5 mph.

Meleani said...

I am really enjoying reading about your adventures with Seggie - Love, Mom