Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Nightmares Come Alive

I feel extremely stupid right now. I wasn't thinking straight and I wasn't feeling well and I completely forgot to go to my fitness for life class today! My roommarte reminded me about twenty minutes past the time when class was supposed to start. It's my nightmares come true! This has happened to me before in other situations. Luckily I get 3 cuts, so I'll just use one of those. I don't think the teacher makes you makeup your labs anyway. We have to do labs where we test our wellness. Today we were going to test our flexibility. I hate missing class. Oh well.

In other news, my faculty friend cornered me today about skipping chapel so often. According to our Life Together Covenant I get 3 or 4 cuts per semester. They don't regulate it though and I thought I heard someone say at the beginning of the semester that chapel weren't required, so I've only been going once a week. There are 3 chapels every week. Anyway, my friend cornered me and said he wants me to go more often and that he was proud of me for going today. I guess he didn't notice that my roommate also skips chapel as often as I do. I don't know what it is about chapel I don't like. I grew up going to chapel once a week at a Christian school and I hated it. OUr chapels were so boring and I've never liked worshipping in a group setting unless I'm in the mood. I guess I feel pressured to worship the way everyone else does. It's so easy for me to get angry at chapel. I guess that's why I don't usually go.

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nora said...

BTW, I did my time at Taylor Upland over a decade ago and I remember the miseries of Fit for Life.