Saturday, October 20, 2007

Some Scares Along the Way

Today's Segway Adventure was AWESOME! Well, not really. And it wasn't really an adventure either. But I did get some great comments. Some kids pointed at me and their mom said, "Yeah, isn't it cool!" Another man asked me if he could get a segway in town. I told him he would have to go to Indianapolis or to get one. Finally, a man yelled out the window of his car, "Is that fun?" I replied, "Yeah!"

I did have a scare or two today, though. I went halfway into the road and stopped to wait for cars to pass, but they stopped for me. I almost thought I would be hit. No worries, I won't take any chances in the future. I also thought the cover on my segway that covers the spare battery and where the charger plugs in had been stolen, but I found it on the sidewalk on my way back. It had fallen off. It likes to do that.

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Poorhouse Dad said...

In Californixa, if, at an intersection, you leave the sidewalk and there's a median strip, then the cars in the lanes nearest you are obligated to stop.

If there's no median strip, the the cars going both ways are obligated to stop.

If there's a median strip and you've gotten that far, then the first rule applies because the median strip divides the roand into two one-way roads.

If there's no median strip and you've reached the middle of the road, then you have the right-of-way. If one of the cars hits you, it's his fault. You would be, however just as injured or just as dead. The best approach, therefore, is to wait until the traffic is clear in both directions before proceding. If you've done that and still get stuck in the middle, then what you did is exactly the right thing to do -- stop to make sure they're going to stop before proceding.

Use tape to fasten that cover in place. The best tape is plastic duct tape. Packing tape (the type that's fiber reiforced) is OK. You probably don't have any of that, so use masking tape. If you cant find any of that, use Scotch tape until you can buy some duct tape.

You can get plastic duct tape or fiber-reinforced packing tape at any hardware store and at a lot of drug stores, too. Even the Dollar Tree has it.

Use one strip along the edge that is supposed to be hinged and use one piece at a right-angle to the opposite edge. Be sure to fold over 1/2" of the end of the second piece to make a pull tab that will make it easy to loosen the tape when you need to open the cover.