Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another Fall - Still on My Feet

So I'm beginning to wonder if I ever really needed a segway. I'll certainly use it to get my money's worth and enjoy it in the process, but did I really need it? No, but I wanted it and I got it and I love it. But I fell for the second time today. I went to the movies and got there and back with one bar of batteries still left. To use up all of the batteries would amount to somewhere around 14 miles. I went 11 miles today. On my way back I hit a curb and the segway thew me over and I hit by left elbow, the left side of my face, and my left knee. My gloves, which luckily I was wearing today, kept me from any scratches on my hands. My elbows are fine. I have a few scratches on my face and a fat lip. My knee is cut fairly bad. I don't mind. It hurts a little, but I should have been paying better attention. My pants were ruined from new found holes, but I got right back up and kept on going. This is a surprise to me. When I was younger if something hurt me I would reject it forever. This is why I don't know how to ride a bike. This is also why I am always reluctant to go driving in a car again. I do not seem to have this problem with my segway. The segway is a little banged up, as am I, but I'm not afraid to get back on it and I do not think a few falls here and there are any reason not to buy a segway. I'm sure my mom is laughing her pants off right now. She fell on the Angel Island tour and got a fat lip from it. I laughed at her then because I thought I would be the one bad at riding a segway and that she would be good at it. Look at me now! I got used to the segway and then I fell. There's a lesson for you: don't get cocky on your segway and don't get too comfortable; something can always happen. I guess God was teaching me again that I need to stop being so high and mighty and give Him an eye. One of my faults is that I like to brag a lot. Here's another lesson for you: watch out for branches. I got hit in the face by some tree branches today, thus the scratches on my face. When you finish laughing at me, here's another funny fact. I got new pants in the mail today from my mom. Ironic, isn't it, since this afternoon I ruined one of my older pairs of pants. LOL. On the bright side, I got lots of nice reactions today, even after I fell. So much for not bragging. A few people honked at me, others said "cool." I think the best response was when a woman said, "There's one of those electronic things!" Someone else asked me if it was fun to ride and I replied, "Yes, even when you fall."


Anonymous said...

Proverbs 24:16

Anonymous said...

No, your momma didn't laugh her pants off, but I wish! -- Dad