Monday, September 10, 2007

Picking Up After a Fall - A Segway Adventure

There are many new things I am learning about my segway. First of all, do not try to talk to people behind you while riding your segway, or at least be very careful when doing so. Second of all, my segway does not go nearly as far as I supposed it able. Third of all, it is easy to go down stairs, but very difficult to go up stairs, while riding a segway. Lastly, take bumbs slowly and when you have people on bikes following do not slow down or stop or they may collide or fall. I learned all these things on my segway adventure this evening.

Two friends and I set off on our way to a nearby park with a bike path. They were on bikes and I was on my segway. I took the bumps of the sidewalk fairly slowly, and it worked out fine. In fact, I got to full speed today, which is about 12 miles per hour on your average segway. I did at one point slow down too much and one of my friends fell over and scratched her hands. She got right back up on her bike, however. Little did I know that she was foreshadowing my own fate.

On our way back, I turned to say something to one of my friends. I began to feel myself lose my balance. Strangly enough, the segway did not make its usual warning sounds and vibrations. Realizing I was losing my balance, I attempted to get off the segway, but tripped on it and fell over onto the nearby grass. My segway began to roll around as if it were going to attack me. It stopped after a few seconds and I was fine. My wrist was a little sore, but I got right back up and onto my segway again. No damage done, and I did not even have my gloves on (just my helmet - but that does not mean you do not need gloves - I'll be sure to wear them next time). My friends did freak out a little. One swore never to try out my segway, but the other said it made no difference, she was just concerned about me when I fell.

I still love my segway and I'll keep using it. Why do we fall? So we can pick ourselves back up again. (This is according to Batman Begins). I still think a segway is a great means of transportation. I only find trouble finding time as a college student to take it out and explore. I did notice that the battery on my segway was halfway down at only 4.5 miles distance. This means I can't go as far on it as I would like to. I think it might be because I weigh more than the average person (well over 200 pounds but under 300). So if you are within 200 to 300 pounds, do not expect to be able to go a full 20 miles as expected/promised by dealerships.

The trip was full of fun reactions. Some people just looked at me and smiled. Others said "cool" and asked me where I got my segway. I think the reactions are the best part of having a segway. Although I hope people I know here in the midwest do not think of me of the rich girl from California. A segway is cheaper than a car.

I'll post pictures of my adventure tomorrow.

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Meleani said...

I love reading about your Segway adventures! I see Alan posted a comment (from GlideMarin) - you must have sent him your link? Cool.....Glad you are ok after your fall today...miss you, sweetie! Love, Mom PS - you really shouldn't have your first and last name posted in your "About Me" section - not a good idea :0(