Sunday, September 16, 2007

Some short lessons and fun reactions

Two days ago I went out on my segway and I didn't fall. For once in my segway career, I did not fall! You see, segways can be safe and fun if you ride them the right way. Just don't get so comfortable that you forget to pay attention to where you're going! I did pick up a few new lessons, however. First of all, do not try to go too fast when riding against the wind. If the wind is blowing against you it can throw you off balance if you're not careful. Second of all, takes bumps slowly. Third, wear Off or some sort of mosquitoe spray to keep bugs off of you, especially if you go out in the evening. Speaking of bugs, you might want to wear safety glasses and go a bit slower when riding your segway near a river or some body of water. Bugs like to hang out near water in mass quantities. I learned this the hard way, hitting tons of bugs at once. I leaned my head forward a bit when I saw them coming so as to make them hit my helmet instead of my face. In the end, however, the bugs came off of me as the wind blew them away. Several actually flew away themselves, unharmed. Lastly, I learned that, while it is a stress reliever to go out on a segway on your own, it is a lot more fun to go with some friends. I try to get some of my friends who like to go biking to go with me. It's nice to have someone to talk to. Just don't fall from turning around to talk to them.

I did get a few nice reactions. I can't remember them all now, but some teens commented that my segway was cool and another woman said, "I like your thingy." So far no one has lectured me on how walking is healthier, although I have gotten a few strange looks. Some bikers look at me with a questioning face as if they wanted to say, "Why do I have to exercise to get places? Why can't I have a segway too? I hate that girl because she can have one and I can't." One man gave me one of these looks before smiling the other day. I think my favorite reaction, however, is when bikers genuinely smile at me and nod their heads as if tipping their hats (or helmets) off to my cool contraption. Of course, even cooler than this is when people on motorcycles or in trucks honk at me. Some teenagers who obviously thought they were something yelled something out, but I couldn't understand them over their loud music.

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Anonymous said...

Did you buy yourself some Off? Smart girl! The glasses are a good idea, too.