Sunday, September 23, 2007

Segwaying to the Movies

So, a couple of days ago I went out on my segway again. No falls this time. I brought a friend with me. She biked, I segwayed. We went to the movies to see Harry Potter 5. I'd already seen it, but she hadn't. Anyways, we had a blast. Let me tell you, crossing traffic and segwaying with the traffic when there are no sidewalks can be quite a suicide mission, but we go there alright. I had a few good reactions to my segway. One person yelled out, "Hey, where can you get that thing?" Not thinking, I told her Indianapolis. If I had had more time I would have said but I kept segwaying on so I didn't slow down to think or to talk to the woman. I talked to an old couple about my segway later on. That was fun. Old people are so cute! I didn't think they would like my segway so much. I supposed the elderly probably didn't like new technology. Well, they liked it, but I don't remember what all we talked about. My friend who was with me remarked about how cool the lock for my segway is. It is made specially for the segway and is very strong. The hard part is finding a bike rack. Considering how many bikers there are around her I'm surprised there aren't more bike racks. Bikers like to smile at me. It's fun because they often give the right of way to me. Some rowdy kids in their pimped up car yelled after me and honked. I think it meant, "Awesome thing you got there," but I couldn't make out what they were saying over their loud music. The midwest is not nearly as conservative as you think. There are boomers everywhere. Anyways, I also got a "cool thing" remark on that trip as well. My only complaint is that the thing that goes over the spare battery for the key and the place where you plug the charger in is broken. It won't stay on. I think the magnets that held it together broke. No worries, though. It doesn't mean the segway won't work.

In other news, I went roller skating with a friend yesterday and had a blast exercising! My segway couldn't take me, though. I had to find a ride.

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Anonymous said...

the thing that goes over the spare battery for the key and the place where you plug the charger in is broken. It won't stay on.

I didn't know Segways had a spare battery. How far can they take you using the spare?

Let me see if I got this: The lid that covers the spare battery and charging receptacle will not stay latched.

Zap or post some close-ups of the lid (closed and open) and of the latch area inside, and we'll contact the Segway dealer. If we can't do anything about it now, we need to prepare to fix it in December or next June.

In the mean time, it's important to keep the charging receptacle clean. Make sure it's covered (inside the lid), or use duct tape to secure the cover in place.

Duct tape is a fiber-reinforced plastic tape. (The original brand was Duck, but that didn't make sense to people, so they called it duct, since it's often used to secure air ducts.) You can get colorful duct tape in the hardware section of WalMart or at any hardware store. I've even seen cheap grey stuff at the dollar store.

If you use tape, first fold over the end of the tape to form a non-sticky tab on which you can pull to open the lid. Don't use more than you really need. Duct tape is strong and the stickum is hard to clean off afterwards. A single piece should do it.