Sunday, September 23, 2007

Segways vs. Bikes

I went on an adventure today. I went to Blockbuster to check out some videos. I went on my segway, followed by my two friends who were on bikes. We had a blast. I thought I'd do some comparing of bikes and segways. Segways are great! They go up to 13 miles per hour, although the fastest I've gone is 12 mph and I reccommend going only 10 mph at the most. Bikes can go faster, but typically don't go faster. My friends were a good distance behind me. Bikes are good for exercises, but you can run out of strength quickly. Segways can only go about 16-20 miles on a battery without having to be recharged, but you don't run out of energy until you get off the segway (at which point your back may hurt a little from standing so long.). Segways take bumps better than bikes, but bikes can go around bumps on the grass whereas segways will often not be able to go on the grass (if you don't have the x2 model that is. I have the i2 model). I've learned to take the bumps slowly, but not too slowly. If you slow down too much your segway will stall on bumps it could pass at a faster pace. You have to learn what kind of bumps you can go over and what kind of bumps you can't go over. You also have to learn to watch for big bumps and to stop very quickly at a moments notice if you see a bump at the last second. I've already fallen once from not paying attention. Look straight ahead when you ride. Lastly, I would like to point out that my friends have trouble making turns on their bikes as well as pulling hills. This is not as much of a challenge for those of us who have segways.

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