Monday, September 3, 2007

Segway Reaction of the Day: A Long Adventure Resulting in a Terrible Sunburn

I had an interesting adventure on Saturday. I took my segway out for a ride and a friend decided she wanted to walk with me. We must have taken three hours to go about six or seven miles. I'm surprised she lasted. We called someone to pick us up because she was exhausted and my battery was past half empty on the segway (from going to slow). We both got sunburns as souvenirs from the trip.

Anyway, I got stopped twice on the way to our destination by curious onlookers. One asked me several questions about cost, mileage, etc. He mentioned that he used to have scooters, but his kids were getting hurt from riding them in traffic. He told me he had just sold them a couple of days ago. It was not the best thing for him to tell me. My destination involved going through several busy intersections where there are no sidewalks. Was this going to be a suicide mission?

Another man stopped me and asked me similar questions. He called his wife and son out to see my segway. It was the first time he had seen one in real life and he wanted to share the moment with his family. Can we get some ahhs from the audience at how sweet this was. Of course, I was only interested in how cool my segway is and how lucky I am to own it. I like to brag, although I try to avoid it because I know it's wrong.

About halfway to the destination we passed a skinny, old man who looked homeless. As we passed him by, he yelled out "cool toy!" I couldn't help but smile and laugh a little at that one.

Once we got to our destination a few more people ooed and awed over the segway. I'd tell them it's cheaper than a car and they'd wonder how much it was. One man asked if it ran around $500. Unfortunately, I had to tell him that it cost $5,000, not $500. But it's still cheaper than a car!

By this time my friend and I were tired. We sat and waited for our ride to come. When our ride came, more questions came plummeting my way. Of course, by now, I am the laughing stock of everyone who has heard of my adventure, which is pretty much everyone. But I had a good, interesting time, and my friend (and her mother, thank goodness) is not mad at me. She just swears that next time we'll get a ride and that she'll never go on a walk with me again. LOL.

According to someone I met at church yesterday I am the IT girl. I was telling a woman about my segway and about my adventure when she said, "oh, you have an IT!" She explained that commercials for the segway a few years back simply described the segway as the it factor that you need in your life. IT is coming. It will change your life. IT will change transportation technology forever. ETC ETC ETC. I thought about calling this blog "The IT Girl," but the name was already taken.

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Meleani said...

What an adventure! I'm proud of you for venturing out and trying Seggie's wings out - LOL! I love the pink color of the blogsite - it just needs some pictures or videos or something maybe you can download off youtube or from the segway website ( - also - a link to Alan's website would be good if that is possible on a blogsite - just a thought - love you!