Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Exercise on a Segway

I made a goal in my Fit for Life class today: to lose ten pounds by the end of the semester. I will do this by working out three times a week and eating healthier. With my segway tempting me, however, I don't think I'll get out for long walks very often. Actually, you'd be surprised how much exercise you can get from a segway. It isn't walking, but it's better than sitting on your butt in your car. You have to stand up straight the entire time you are on your segway and keep your knees bent at the same time. I guess a segway tests your felxibility and gives you small workouts in the arms and legs. After the first week of using a segway you'll be sore in more than one area, but it's worth it. A segway is fun and transportation in one. Add a bit of exercise onto that and you've got a good package.

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alan horowitz said...

Transportation and Fun, all rolled into one!!

We are so glad to hear about your Blog and your Segway adventures...Be safe & keep us posted.